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Learn Nix

Learn Nix

Determinate Systems (opens in a new tab) has created a learning resourced called Zero to Nix (opens in a new tab) that we recommend as a guide to getting started with Nix.

Unlike other learning resources in the Nix (opens in a new tab) ecosystem, Zero to Nix:


The main learning track in Zero to Nix is the Quick start (opens in a new tab), which includes eight practical tutorials:

  1. Get Nix running on your system (opens in a new tab)
  2. Run a program with Nix (opens in a new tab)
  3. Explore Nix development environments (opens in a new tab)
  4. Build a package using Nix (opens in a new tab)
  5. Search for Nix packages (opens in a new tab)
  6. Turn your project into a flake (opens in a new tab)
  7. Uninstall Nix (if necessary) (opens in a new tab)
  8. Learn more (opens in a new tab)


Supplementing Zero to Nix's quick start are a series of docs covering a variety of core Nix concepts (opens in a new tab). Some of the most important include: